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"Your programs are not just performances, they are experiences which linger in the songs and stories that can be heard around our school for months after you've left."
-- Robert W. Kesser. Principal Dt. H.O. Smith School, Hudson, New Hampshire

  Listed below are the thematic programs John does in schools. He visits approximately 100 schools each year doing assemblies and workshops for students from Pre-K though Grade 6. Each program lasts 45-50 minutes and workshop length varies according to grade level and objectives. The content for each program is specifically geared for the age group attending the performance. John also does artist-in-residence programs which involve spending two or more days in a school or district visiting individual classrooms.


Let's Respect and Care For Each Other or (Character Counts) - Grades K -6
The content for this program varies according to the grade levels attending the performance.

Using interactive songs and stories, John encourages students to -think about how they treat one another and to consider the effects of their actions. In this program audience members will sing along, laugh, learn a song in sign language and reflect on how it feels to be in someone else's shoes.

Program will include some of the following selections:

A Little Bit of Light; Love Grows; How Would You Feel If That Happened To You?; Rachel; The Hug Song; Take Good Care Of Each Other; Me Tool; Thank You For Being My Friend and more.

The songs presented are available on John's cassettes, CD's or video


The Earth is Our Home - Grade K-8
This is a celebration of songs and stories relating to protecting the environment and appreciating the wonder and beauty of our exquisite home - Planet Earth. Much of the content in this program comes from John's video, "The Great Earth Sing-Along, "which won a Parents Choice Award.

Program will include some of the following selections:
Habitat; The Earth Is Our Home; Rain Forest Walk; I like Ants; Down By The Bay; Turn The World Around and more.

Most of the songs included are available on the video and there is also a teachers guide being developed for this specific program which will be available soon.

  Celebrating Books and Authors or (Parents as Reading Partners) - Grade K-6
This program is presented to help kickoff or culminate a celebration of the importance of reading, writing, books and authors. One or more assemblies are done for all students during school.
Many groups extend this to the larger school community of parents and family members by having an evening performance. The evening performance involves different content than the daytime, but may include some selections that students request. John ES the author of the book, 'Its Just A Game." A time can be set aside to have John autograph copies of his book, CD's and video.

Program will include same of the following selections:
The Library Song; Mistakes Are Our Teachers; Step By Step; How About You?; Listen To The Stories; Down By The Bay; It's Just A Game and more.

Other songs and stories are included depending on the make-up of the audience
and topics that are relevant to the group. You may request that the content be correlated to your particular theme.

"Your joyfulness set a wonderful tone for the weeks that followed in our PARP celebration. We loved the literary tie-ins you made. Rest assured you will be invited hack to help us celebrate reading and learning"
Pat Newell, PARP Chairperson, Sacketts Harbor, N.Y.

  Peer Pressure in School or (Building Bridges of Tolerance and Understanding) Grades 4-8
Peer pressure is something that every child and adult experiences. It is also something that can be very difficult to talk about. During this program, stories and songs are presented that may help students recognize some of their own behaviors and realize how important it is to be considerate of others when making decisions.

Program will include some of the following selections:
Courage; Please Give Me Time; Playing Right Field; Me Too!; The Juggling Man and more.

"Your songs and stories are far more than entertaining. They stimulate understanding of truths and values - the ageless goal of the best songs and stories in all cultures..See you next year."
Douglas Price, Principal, Cottonwood Elem. School, Casa Grande, Arizona

  Playing with Words and Ideas Grades Pre-K - 4
Young people everywhere love music, songs, stories, jokes, riddles and word play. This program incorporates a little of all of these things plus some juggling, movement and laughter thrown in for good measure. This fast-paced program involves participation throughout and leaves students and teachers alike feeling good about learning. There are opportunities and suggestions for follow-up activities.

Program will include some of the following selections:
Down By The Bay; I Like Ants; Rainbow Trout; Youre Really Smart, Arent You?; Silly Jack; Love Grows and more.

  Songs and Stories Around the World - Grades K-6
A presentation of music, songs and storytelling that features an international flavor as John shares songs and stories from and about many places around the world. John has performed throughout the US and in Canada, Japan and Ireland. He also tells stories from Africa, Asia, Europe and Central and South America. Storytelling is a marvelous way to demonstrate that although people may look and talk differently we enjoy the same stories and we share many of the same hopes and dreams.

Program will include some of the following selections:
Zo-San; Family Tree; Two Of Everything; Kilkelly; Ireland; The King Has Ears Like A Goat; Lazy Leonard; Why The Turtles Shell Is Cracked and more

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