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"Your programs are not just performances, they are experiences which linger in the songs and stories that can be heard around our school for months after you've left."
-- Robery W. Kesser. Principal Dt. H.O. Smith School, Hudson, New Hampshire

  John Farrell is one of the oustanding artists working with children and families anywhere today. A talented singer, writer, musician and juggler there are not the only qualities that distinguish his work. His greatest strengths are the messages he develops with audiences. John's respect for and love of children make his concerts and workshops unique. It's not so much a show as it is an experience. The audience becomes so involved that the line dividing performer and audience disappears. Everyone becomes part of the presentation.

Watching John's audience is a joy to behold. When people come to film of videotape, he tells them to turn the cameras on the audience. That's where the real show is! Kids and adults are singing, learning to sing in sign language, laughing at themselves and comfortably exploring important issues in their lives.
  Topics raised in story and song include:


  learning from mistakes

cherishing the elders in our lives
  working together

dealing with peer pressure
  keeping the play in sports

making good decisions
  family life and laughs loving each other
  Adult audience members are sometimes brought to tears from laughter and reflection during the same performance. You have to see John Farrell in action to truly understand why he is invited back to so many schools and other venues year after year.
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