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Bob Blue is one of my favorite songwriters. He's also a great friend of children and children's music. It's a pleasure and privilege to include one of his songs on this recording.


Words and Music copyright Bob Blue, 1990 

I used to be best friends with Rachel 
And Rachel was best friends with me 
We always dressed just like each other 
And watched the same shows on TV 
On weekends sometimes she'd sleep over 
We'd whisper till we fell asleep 
She's a friend that made me feel important 
She's a friend that I wanted to keep 

Oh Rachel, where are you now? 
Did I do something wrong? 
Did I hurt you somehow? 
Oh Rachel you once were my friend 
Will you ever like me again? 

A girl moved in next door to Rachel 
Her name was Melinda MacNeil 
The two of them struck up a friendship 
With no thought to how I might feel 
Melinda and Rachel went skating 
I didn't know Rachel had skates 
Now Melinda's the one that she plays with 
And I am the one that she hates 

Should I try and forget about Rachel? 
Should I hope that she'll come back to me? 
Should I try and make friends with Melinda? 
Can a friendship include three? 
Should I pack up and move to Alberta? 
If I did would she miss me at all? 
I hope she hears my song 
We can fix what went wrong 
Rachel, please hear my call