Hot Chocolate & Diplomacy

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Thanksgiving Day has come and gone 
And Christmas is drawing near 
So we dress real warm and we pile in the van 
Just like we do each year 
We’re going to Sam’s, the Tree Man 
He lives down a long and a winding road 
We’re going to cut one down, tie it on the roof 
Turn around and go back home 

Yeah, we’re going to get our Xmas tree 
It’s a family tradition 
Thousands of trees to choose from 
So we inspect each ones condition 
Everyone wants to be the one 
To find that tree that’s chosen 
But if we wait until we all agree 
Our limbs will end up frozen 

O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree 
Calm and gentle evergreen 
A symbol of good will and love 
But you make us mad and we act real mean 
We argue and we disagree 
Everyone wants a different tree 
How we going to solve this peacefully? 
Hot chocolate and diplomacy 

How about this one? 
It’s really great 
Are you kiddin? 
That’s way too tall 
There’s one over here 
It’s round and it’s full 
That’s a beauty but it’s kind of small 
I found it! 
This is the perfect tree 
It might be 
if the branches weren’t brown 
Hey, look over here, this tree is the one 
No way! That tree is falling down 


When we get it home and into the stand 

It really doesn’t look so great 
There’s a space over here, 
it’s leaning over there 
Maybe we made a mistake 
Then we begin to put the ornaments on 
Add the candles and the lights 
Put the angel on top, 
And the gifts underneath 
And our tree is marvelous sight 

Some people like their tree 
to be just so 
The perfect shape and size 
Each branch, straight, 
each needle the same 
And the ornaments -- synchronized 
The lights must be spaced symmetrically 
And at the top – a crystal star 
I’m amazed by trees 
that look like that 
But I’d rather have a tree like ours