Carry On

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This song is dedicated to my sister - in - law Maryann Donoghey, for the boundless love and care she gave to her dear friend and mother –in-law Barbara. It is also in loving memory of Barbara Donoghey, Iva Dayger, John Fitzpatick, Lee & Alice Schryver, and my dad, John Farrell. All of these individuals were great listeners and it always lifted my spirits just to be in their presents. Their light has been carried on by their friends and families.


Copyright, John Farrell 2000

Halfway up a mountain
No one ever wants to climb
Daybreak never comes without the night
The pain is always deepest
When the love is strong
The shadow darkest
When you’ve known the light

When the tears start falling
Like a gentle summer rain
Or when you hear that favorite song
Think about the laughter and the smiles
That filled our hearts
And know that light is ours to carry on

Always there and listening
To every word with care
Sharing smiles, sharing jokes, and cups of tea
And though now the chair sits empty
The memories linger on
In the stories, in the songs and on the breeze


A photograph, a moment,
Quiet words, or just a glance
Etched in hearts more deeply than in stones
Like wildflowers on a hillside
Sunsets on the bay
Dreams don’t die they just get passed along