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Activities and Sign Language
This is a new feature on the web site. Thanks to encouragement from many of my teacher friends, I have decided to list activities that can be used with my songs in the classroom. I'll begin with activities that I have already given out at workshops and conferences and add to the list in the future. The descriptions of sign language activities are not meant to be precise. To learn more about Sign Language, consult a book such as “Joy of Signing” by Lottie Riekof. This is an excellent resource that includes illustrations. You can also find information on the internet at www.masterstech-home.com/ASLDict.html   

I'd also love to hear from you about how you are using the songs in the classroom. If you have a lesson plan or activity that you would like to share with other teachers, please send it to me and we'll send you a free CD of your choice as a "Thank You!" and we'll list your name on the web site.

Explore activities for each of these songs:

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