Step by Step
Featured on the CD, "Touch the Sky"
Words and Music Copyright John Farrell
Step by step, one at a time,
You don't have to run. There's plenty of time.
If you fall down, rise up and then,
Step by step, start moving again.

Life is a circle. The earth is a ball.
Seeds that are tiny, grow so tall.
Seeds need the rain. Seeds need the sun.
After the storm, the rainbow will come.

Day by day, follow the light,
Riding the waves, learning to fly
Feel how it feels. Reach for your dreams.
Day by day, let your heart sing!

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Suggested Activity:
Have students learn the sign language and movement activity to accompany the song. Below are descriptions for these actions.

Step by step:

Make a walking motion with your hands with the palms facing down.
One at a time:

Put right index finger up in the air and then point to left wrist where a watch might be. This is the sign for "TIME"
You don't have to run:

Move hands back and forth (one above the other) in front of you.
There's plenty of time:

Point to left wrist with right index finger again.
If you fall down:

Stand up first and second fingers of right hand on left wrist as if to show a "person" standing. Make "person" fall down.
Rise up and then:

Bring two fingers back up to standing position on wrist.
Step by step:

Make a walking motion with your hands with the palms facing down.
Start moving again:

Hold both hands in front of you as though you were holding a "wet towel" just using your fingertips (facing down). Move hands from left to right.
Extend the activity by inviting students to create their own movements for the other verses of the song. "Life is a circle, the earth is a ball…"
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