One by One
Featured on the CD, "Season of Light"
Words and Music Copyright John Farrell
Thank you for the sun that shines. Thank you for the stars above.
Thank you for the rain that falls. And thank you for your love.

One by one we count our blessings as we come to share this bread.
Let us gather round the table, join our hands and bow our heads.
May our hearts always be thankful for each gift that we receive.
One by one we count our blessings with our friends and family.

Thank you for the air we breathe. Thank you for the food we eat.
Thank you for our families. And thank you for your love.

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Suggested Activity:
Share background information about the inspiration for this song. John tells students he got the idea for this song after having dinner at MacDonald's one day. Usually boys and girls begin to laugh when they hear this and then John tells them, "Not that MacDonald's, Warren and Bonnie MacDonald." Warren and Bonnie are farmers who live on Prince Edward Island. They invited John and his family over one day to have dinner and to learn about life on a farm. When they all sat down to eat, Mr. MacDonald said a blessing before the meal. During his blessing he remembered to be thankful for simple things like the rain and the sunshine. John wrote the song for the MacDonald family and all farmers. Below are some reminders for the movement and sign language you can use with this song.

One by one: Hold up one finger on each hand
Blessings: Fold your hands as in prayer
Share: Hold one hand out and up. With other hand divide imaginary treasure
Bread: Place left palm against chest. Use right hand to slice this loaf of bread
Table: Put one arm on top of the other in front of chest, parallel to ground
Hands: Hold hands up with palms facing each other.
Head: Bow your head.
Hearts: Trace a heart on your chest using index fingers of both hands
Thankful: Use right hand in a motion similar to blowing a kiss
Gift: Extend both hands as in giving something away
Receive: Bring hands back toward body
Friends: Take index finger on each hand and hook them together then switch
Family: Begin with "OK" circles of both hands touching with palms out and move
hands away from your body in a circular motion until pinkies touch.
These signs and movements are not meant to be precise or accurate representations of American Sign Language but are nonetheless enjoyed by children and teachers.
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