Stargazer's Alphabet

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Michael Pendergast, a friend of ours from Prince EdwardIsland sings a song called “ The Sailor’s Alphabet.” I really enjoyed hearing Mike sing this with families and began to learn the song. As I was doing this, I decided to create an alphabet song about something I loved – The Night Sky. As I worked on the concept I was intrigued by the fact that most American children learn their ABC’s by singing a song that has the same melody as Twinkle , Twinkle Little Star.”

“How I wonder what you are?” seemed like a great lead into an alphabet song about the night sky.

Happy sing and star gazing!

NOTE: The Perseid Meteor showers occur every summer around August 10-12.

If you look to the northeast a couple of hours after sunset you may see some amazing shooting stars.



Copyright, John Farrell 2002

A       Andromeda, our neighbor galaxy

B       The Big Dipper, an easy one to see

C       Cygnus the swan flies across the Milky Way

D       Draco the Dragon lives on Dipper Lane

E       The Earth, our mother ship in flight

F       The First Star that you wish upon at night

G      Our Galaxy of stars 200 billion strong

H       Haley’s Comet, with it’s snowy tail so long

I        Imagination, that’s the key, the magic ring

J       Mighty Jupiter, the planetary king

K       The Kite, Bootesis it’s name

L       Leo, the Lion has a starry mane

M      The Moon, it’s orbit is 28 days long

N       The North Star, it guides travelers along

O      Orion, his belt is straight and bright

P       The Perseids, August’s welcome sight

Q      Queen Cassiopea, a “W” of stars

R       The Red Planet, the one that we call “Mars”

S       Brilliant Sirius, the brightest star we see

T       Taurus the bull, looks like a flying “V”

U       The Universe, that’s everything there is

V       Venus, a lovely dazzling disk

W      The Wonders that await us in the night

X       Exquisite and Extraordinary sights

Y       The Yellow Stars, like our own great Sun

Z       The Zodiac, now my song is done