River of Dreams

Track Number: 

Song is C# / Guitarist play in C with capo on 1st fret

Debrah Marriott, Director of The Lower Columbia River Estuary Partnership in Portland, Oregon invited me to sing at the “Kids ForThe Columbia” Festival in September 2001. I wrote this song for that celebration. The first time I sang it in a school was September 18, one week after the tragic events of September 11. As we sang the chorus of the song together I was touched by the diverse and beautiful faces of the children. I realized that the “River” we were singing about was not just the Columbia River. It was also a metaphoric river made up of all the young people in the world, Afghanistan, Africa, China, Europe, India, Iraq, Ireland, Pakistan, Russia, South America, Australia, the U.S.A., and everywhere else. A river made up of people, not countries or religious groups. May you run strong.


Sheet Music: 

C                                         F        C
A raindrop falls high in the mountains

C                                         G
It trickles on down to the stream

C                                      F        C
The stream winds its way to the river

C                     G                 C
The river rolls down to the sea

F                    C
River of Life, River of Dreams

G                      C
River of Hope, River of Peace

F                                      C
May you run strong and forever be

Dm                        G            C
A River of Love, A River of Dreams

C                                             F            C
The sun calls the water back into the clouds

C                                           G
The wind paints a masterpiece sky

C                                          F           C
A snowflake drifts down, it kisses the ground

C                       G            C
The wheel is renewed by and by

C                                           F            C
The river brings power, the river brings life

C                                               G
The river has been tainted and hurt

C                            F                   C
We can protect her if we respect her

C                         G            C
Our voices must rise and be heard