Rainbow Trout

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One evening as I was driving my car over the Newburg-Beacon Bridge,” I was surprised to see a sign that read, The Hamilton Fish Newburgh-Bridge. The bridge had been renamed for a renowned New York Family that has produced several “Hamilton Fish’s” that have served in the U.S. Congress. The phrase, ”Sounds kind of fishy to me” came to mind and this song was born.


Copyright, John Farrell 2002

Sitting on an old see-saw
Chewing on a piece of straw
Rainbow Trout started to shout
Did you just see what I just saw? (2x’s)

It was a duck, his name was Chuck
He was riding in a pick-up truck
Chuck the duck in a pick-up truck
Sounds kind of fishy to me

It was an eel, his name was Shaquille
He was riding on a snowmobile…
It was a crab, his name was Ahab
He was riding in a taxi cab…

It was a whale, her name was Gail
She was riding on a monorail…
It was an alligator, his name was C.U. Rayder
He was riding on an elevator…
Claire the bear in a wheelchair
Snyder the spider on a hang glider
Tod the cod in a hot rod
Ike the pike on a mountain bike…