Pass The Ball, Freddie

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(John Farrell /Hope River Music)

Freddie was by far the fastest kid on our whole team
He could shoot and he could score the very best of all
But he hollered at his teammates and he argued with
the ref. And he never, ever, ever passed the ball

Pass the ball Freddie you’ll find that it won’t hurt
Kid’ll pass it back that’s what makes a team work
Teamwork is an attitude it isn’t just a word
So pass the ball Freddie let’s make this team work

Daidle Deedle Didle Dodle Doodle Daidle Deedle Dum

Vicki has the sweetest voice in all of junior high
She sang the lead in every single play we’ve ever done
But she never once said thank-you
To the kids that sang the chorus
And she never, ever, ever sings for fun

Sing for fun Vickie, that’s what singing’s meant to be
If we sing together we can try some harmony
Teamwork is an attitude it isn’t just a word
so sing for fun Vicki, let’s make this team work

Leo is the smartest kid in Miss Spelling’s class
He speaks Japanese and Russian
but he never talks to us
He treats us like we’re babies
and he laughs at our ideas
And he never joins a group unless he absolutely must

Lighten up Leo
You’re not the only one
If we work together we can
learn and have some fun
Teamwork is an attitude
it isn’t just a word
So lighten up Leo let’s make this team work

Phyllis is an average kid,
not great at anything
but whenever you need help
Phyllis will be there

She treats you just the same if you
win or if you lose
She always tries her hardest and
she plays fair and square

Fair and square Phyllis
gives it everything she got
When she’s in the game and cheers
For others when she’s not
Team work is an attitude
it isn’t just a word
And Phyllis is a winner
cause she makes the team work

( repeat “Pass the ball Freddie” verse)