Oh Yeah!

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In May of 1999 I went to San Diego to run in the Rock’n Roll Marathon. I was one of over 4000 people participating as members of the Leukemia Society “Team in Training.” At the preprace party we were addressed by a man who had Aids and Leukemia but had refused to give up. One of his dreams had been to compete in the Hawaiian Ironman Triathlon. Against all odds and most peoples advise he did it. He finished last but I don’t think anyone can ever say that he was not a winner. He was wearing a tee shirt that read….

“For all of you who said I couldn’t …And those who said I should…

And you who said I wouldn’t”…( on the back it said)

“I’ll see you at the finish line!”



(copyright, John Farrell 2002)

Oh Yeah! Oh Yeah! That can be done
Oh Yeah! Oh Yeah! We are the ones

I believe in you, I believe in me
I believe in love, I believe in dreams
I believe we can do anything
Oh Yeah! Oh Yeah! Oh Yeah! Oh Yeah!

Now if they say you’re not good enough,
Tell them “Yes I am!”
If they say you can’t do it
Tell them “Yes, I can!”
If they say you should quit
‘Cause you’re only wasting time
Say, “Adios, amigo, I’ve got to go
I’ve got mountains to climb”