Mistakes Are Our Teachers

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Most kids love wordplays and double entenders. So do I. It's encouraging to remember that no matter how successful someone is, he/she got that way by learning from mistakes - even teachers! Don't mistake my meaning. This song is a play on words. Teachers help us learn and grow. And understand our world


Words and Music copyright, 1998 

Mistakes are our teachers 
Our teachers are mistakes 
We have a chance to learn something 
From each mistake we make 

Thomas Alva Edison 
Made the light bulb shine 
But before he got it right 
He was wrong 500 times 

Wilber and Orville Wright 
Believed that they could fly 
It took years of falling down 
Before they reached the sky 

Rosa parks was right 
When she said " I will not move" 
The law was a mistake 
As Rosa's courage proved 

The great Henry Aaron 
The all time home run king 
For every homer Henry hit 
He took a thousand swings