A Little Bit of Scrooge

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There’s a little bit of Scrooge in everyone 
A touch of Ebenezer underneath that grin 
There’s a little bit of Scrooge in everyone 
So open up the door and let him in 

Christmas is a happy time, a time for reverie 
A time for celebrating with friends and family 
A time for giving gifts, for sharing love and joy 
But it also is a time for getting grumpy and annoyed 

The days are short, the lines are long, 
I dont know what to get 
I was gonna shop early, I havent started yet 
The dinner party might be fun but I don’t want to go 
A white Christmas would be great without the snow 


Lights and decorations appearing everywhere 
As songs of the season float through the air 
Boxes from the attic, memories of the past 
But it’s hard to enjoy it when you’re going so fast. 

We buy too much, we want too much, 
we eat too much too 
We throw stuff away just because it isn’t new 
We only want the latest, the biggest, and the best 
It’s no wonder that so many are lonely and depressed. 


The ghost of Christmas past, recalls the deeds weve done 
I should’ves and I would’ves that cannot be undone 
Christmas yet to come Well it’s just a crystal ball 
It’s the present that’s our present it’s greatest gift of all 

So when youre feeling grouchy, when you’re feeling down 
Remember Ebenezer and the fortune that he found 
He bought that that prize turkey, and then gave it away 
He learned that life’s treasures are all within today.