Library Song

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Michael Mark & Tom Chapin (ASCAP)

Saturday morning and the rain is pouring
Dad worked late last night, he’s in there
snoring. Same old stuff on TV, boring
So what if I can’t go out and play
I know what I’ll do today

Oh, I’m going down to the Library
Picking out a book, check it in, check it out
Gonna say Hi to the Dictionary
Picking out a book, check it in, check it out

Now I like books and they like me
So when I go to the Library
I sit down in my favorite chair
And check to see who’s there
Maybe one book, maybe two
“Take me home,” says Winnie The Pooh,
“And if we have to travel far, I’ll bring
my honey jar.”

Sleeping Beauty yawned and said
“I’ll come when I get out of bed.”
Madeline said “let her nap,” and jumps into my lap
The Cat in the Hat says “Hey. I’ll go.” “Don’t take
him.” Cries Pinocchio, “Don’t take that cat to your
address, he always makes a mess.”

Mrs. Parker’s back behind the checkout desk today
The Cheshire Cat jumps on her head and says
“Let’s play!” But Mrs. P says “Goodness, are you
sure you want all these?” “Oh yes!” we
shout together. She says, “Shhh! Quiet please!”

The Seven dwarfs begin to shout, “ Say, take us
with you. Check us out!” Then Cinderella gets her
gown and Babar grabs his crown. Then Curious
George swings from the shelf. Along comes Mother
Goose herself. Out the door we danced and sang.
The whole library rang.