It's Just A Game

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As parents we sometimes forget why it is that kids should be playing sports. This song comes from years of playing, watching, and coaching. It is loosely based on our daughter Maggie's girls' travel team. The Brewster All- Stars. Fortunately, they have two benevolent coaches, Ray Pellecchia and Joe Cloherty. The text of the song has been illustrated by artist John Emil Cymerman and is being published as a picture book by Boyd's Mills Press, a division of Highlights Magazine for Children.


Words and Music copyright, John Farrell 1998

The sun was shinning bright and the grass
Was oh so green
We were laughin', we were singin', it felt
good to be a team.
We had new shorts and socks - on our
shirts they wrote our names
Everything was goin' great until they said,
"Let's start the game!"

Then the other team appeared, they came 
like soldiers to a war
They were big and they were fast and they 
looked mean.
Their coach was yellin' at 'em, he even
called us names.
I couldn't help but wonder, "Does he know
it's just a game?"

It's just a game! It's just a game!
We're only kids. We're not the pros.
We joined the team to learn and play and have some fun.
We'll try our best to win
but if we don't there is no shame.
Please remember this:
"We're only kids - It's just a game!"

Then the game began. We were nervous, we
were scared
Cause they were big and they were fast but 
they weren't mean.
They did play well together. They scored time and time again.
We made some good plays too and we tried
hard until the end

But then the game was over. We went and
said "nice game!" 
Quickly thoughts of ice cream filled our
Till we heard a grown-up shouting, "It's your
fault, you're to blame!"
I wish someone would tell him, "It's okay, it's 
just a game!"

As our season went along we lost every
game but one
But we got better and we learned stuff that
was new
Our coach says we're amazing.
And our teamwork and our friendships grew
and grew.

But when the last game ended another
team finished first
They played well. They played hard. They 
were the best.
And though the medals went to them we
feel like winners just the same
We never quit and we know "It's just a