It's the Christmas Play!

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It’s the Christmas play 
It’s the Christmas play 
Hope I don’t forget 
What I’m supposed to say 
Here we are at last - - 
Standing on the stage 
Singing in the Christmas play 

Yesterday at practice 
Things didn’t go that great 
Shepherds were fighting with the sheep 
And the wise men came in late 
And angels wings got broken 
Someone stepped on Joseph’s toes 
And the kid who sings “Good will to men” 
Went home with a bloody nose 

Teacher says “It’s a miracle!” 
She cried and then she laughed 
Our one hour dress rehearsal 
Took two hours and a half 
The microphone works - - sometimes 
The piano’s not in tune 
Rumor is first grade's got lice 
And the fourth grade's got the flu 

The kindergartners will be cute 
If they don’t trip on the stairs 
As tangled antlers twist and turn 
In restless reindeers hair 
Santa called to say he’s late 
He’s stuck in a traffic jam 
But we’re glad you’re here, it’s another year 
Singing in the Christmas play