The Hug Song

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Fred Small (Pine Barrens Music)

I want a hug (echo) when we say hello
I want a hug (echo) when it’s time to go
I want a hug (echo) cause I want you to know
I’m awfully fond of you
I want a hug (echo) what a wonderful feelin’
Want a hug (echo) just to feel you squeezin’
Want a hug (echo) yes it certainly seems
Like the natural thing to do

When I was a little bitty baby
My Momma used to hold me tight
My Daddy would come and pick me up
When I got scared at night
Now the years have passed
and I’ve grown so fast
and mostly I feel strong
But timid or bold, I’m never too old
To sing this cozy song


Now some folks don’t like huggin’
They think that they’re too tough
I bet they’d be a whole lot friendlier
If they were just hugged enough
When you hug the ones who love you
An amazing thing you learn
When you give a hug, you just can’t help
But get one in return


Sometimes grown-ups are grouchy
And they put the blame on you
Sometimes you make just a little mistake
Though you did the best you could do
And sometimes love is everywhere
And it’s a beautiful day
But anytime is the perfect time to open your arms
and say