Gotta Get Going

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Gotta get going, gotta keep moving 

I’ve got miles to go before I sleep 

Gotta get going, gotta keep moving 

I’ve got places to go and promises to keep 

All year long we’re waiting 
For this special night to come 
We’re working and we’re planning 
There’s so much that must be done 
Making gifts, checking lists of addresses and names 
We load the sleigh – - We’re on our way 
It’s Christmas Eve again!! 

Each year things get hectic as the seasons roll around 
Days fly by like shooting stars 
Leaves fall to the ground 
Weeks just seem to disappear like snowmen in the sun 
Until that bright and magic night 
When time stands still again! 

Thanks for the milk and cookies 
They really tasted great 
I’d like to stay and visit but the hour is getting late 
Sometimes I’m like a candle 
Burning at both ends 
Then I look at you and it pulls me through 
I’m like a kid again