A Good-Night Wish (Molly's Lullaby)

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Bed time rituals for young children often include a story, a song, a hug, a kiss etc. Many nights at our house it also included “Can you please read one more chapter?”…or…”Can we hear one more story? Can I have one more drink? and other stall tactics. Now that our children are pre-teens and teenagers most nights we go to bed before some of them do. While visiting my friend Jack Harrower and his wife Shelley in California a few years ago, I watched them lovingly put their children Molly and Jackson to bed. While doing so I realized how much I missed those bedtime stories and that time we used to share together.

In this song it’s the parents asking,  “Can we have one more…?” and wishing that their children will sleep and live in peace.



Copyright, John Farrell 2002

Soon you’ll yawn and close your eyes
But first let’s have just one more kiss
One more hug, one more smile
A word of thanks and a good-night wish

May you dream in peace and splendor
As the stars waltz up above
And may your friends always be near you
May you always walk in love