Dear Child

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Song ideas often come from unexpected sources. This one came during a chance meeting with Lindsay Bates, a casual friend of mine associated with a wonderful organization in Katonah, NY called  Family University. As Lindsay told me that he had just become a grandfather for the first time his exuberance was inspiring and contagious. It made me feel happy just seeing how happy he was. It also reminded me of the incredible joy, awe, and wonder the I felt when each of our children were born. For parents and grandparents, children truly are the most precious gift in life.

The lyrics for the first verse were composed on the back of an envelope driving between schools.

The melody just kind of came with it. Thanks to Jeff Miller for polishing it as we went along.


copyright John Farrell 2002

Dear Child, I never knew
Clouds were so beautiful, the sky was so blue
Dear, Sweet Child, You taught me to fly
I found my wings when I looked in your eyes

How is this possible? How can it be?
That such a small child has done this to me.
Birds songs are sweeter now
Each note rings clear
The moon’s light is brighter now
All because you are here

Dear Child, you taught me to see
The stare in the sky, the leaves on the trees
Dear, Sweet Child, you made time stand still
I loved you that moment and I always will

Dear Child, you taught me to see