Dad's Not Lost

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( Words and Music by Tom Paxton,
copy right Paxworld Music)

Here we are in our car
We’ve been traveling ever so far
We’ve been circling round and round
Shall I tell you what we’ve found

Dad’s not lost, no he’s not
This is Daddy’s favorite spot
Right here by this same old tree
This is where he meant to be
Time and again this road we’ve crossed
We’re not worried, dad’s not lost

Down the lane and back again
Dad’s out standing in the rain
Rain is pouring down his face
Are we really anyplace?

There’s a map on his lap
Dad keeps hitting it with his cap
What’s his song ever so strong
Daddy’s right and the map is wrong

No one speaks, not a mouse speaks
Dad’s not been this mad for weeks
Don’t make a sound we’re turning around
We’re going back to the very same town