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Words and music by Bob Blue copyright 1998)

A small thing once happened at school
that brought up a question for me
And somehow it forced me to see
the price that I pay to be cool
Roxanne is a girl that I know, she’s strange,
like she doesn’t belong
I don’t mean to say that it’s wrong
we don’t like to be with her though
And when we all make a plan to have
this big party at Sue’s
Most kids in our school got the news
but no one invited Roxanne

The thing in our Junior High is
secrets don’t last very long
I acted like nothing was wrong
when I saw Roxanne start to cry
I know you may think that I’m cruel,
it doesn’t make me very proud
I just went along with the crowd,
it’s sad but you have to in school
You can’t pick the friends you prefer,
you fit in as well as you can
I couldn’t be friends with Roxanne
cause then they would treat me like her

In one class at our Junior High
we study what people have done
With gas chambers, tanks and guns at Auschwitz,
Bejing and My Lai
I don’t understand all I learn,
sometime I just sit there and cry
The whole world stood idly by
and watched as the innocents burned
Like robots obeying some rule,
atrocities done by the mob
All innocents doing their jobs and what was it for,
was it cool?

The world was aware of this hell but
not enough to cried out in shame
No heroes and no to blame
a story that no one dare tell
I promise to do what I canto let it happen again
To care for all women and men,
I’ll start by inviting Roxanne