Christmas is Coming

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In a small village way up in the mountains 
The snow falls so silent and white 
Children are drifting on ships made of dreams 
Their whole world is magic tonight 

Down in the city the bustling continues 
As last minute work’s being done 
Just one more present or one final call 
To reach out to one more loved one 

Christmas is coming, yes Christmas is coming 
It’s bringing us hope, turning darkness to light 
Christmas is coming all over the world 
Christmas is coming tonight 

In a large house that sits high on a hill 
A fireplace burns warm and bright 
Laughing and singing, exchanging fine gifts 
Their spirits are joyful and light 

In a third floor apartment a family of eight 
Hold each other to keep themselves warm 
They say a prayer thanking God for His gifts 
And ask Him to help them be strong 

In a home for the elders who don’t have a home 
An old man hums old Christmas tunes 
He smiles and remembers when he was a boy 
Reindeer flew right across the moon 

Just down the road in a hospital bed 
A child hears his mother’s first song 
She sings “Silent Night” and they feel the same light 
That was felt on that first Christmas morn