Backwards States

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On a long road trip we were writing down license plates from different states. After quite a while we were stalled at around thirty states and getting bored, so we decided to try to sing the names of the states alphabetically in reverse. What you hear is the end result of that effort. It took some time to get it down, but it was fun. It's amazing how quickly you can learn something when you add melody and rhythm. After all, didn't you first learn the alphabet by singing? Most of us do. Give the states a try.


Arrangement and Music copyright John Farrell, 1998 
States were already named. 

Wyoming, Wisconsin, West Virginia 
Washington, Virginia, Vermont, 

Utah, Texas, Tennessee, South Dakota, 
South Carolina, Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, 

Oklahoma, Ohio, North Dakota, North Carolina, 

New York, New Mexico, New Jersey, and 
New Hampshire 

Nevada, Nebraska, Montana, Missouri, 
Mississippi, Minnesota, Michigan, 

Massachusetts, Maryland, Maine and 

Kentucky, Kansas, Iowa, and Indiana, 

Illinois, Idaho, Hawaii, and Georgia, 

Florida, Delaware, Connecticut, Colorado, 

California, Arkansas, Arizona, Alaska, and