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It's Just a Game
(By John Farrell
Illustrated by John Emil Cymerman

A soccer team is having lots of fun before the game.  But once the game begins, the fun is over.  The coach of the opposing team yells and calls people names.  But it's his team that wins the game.  As the children enjoy their post game ice cream, a grown-up blames one of the players for perceived faults in how the game was played.  Has everyone forgotten it's just a game?  Sports should be fun, especially when you're young.  John Farrell reminds everyone of this in his first picture book.

Meet The Illustrator

John Emil Cymerman was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  He studied at the Hussina School of Art where he later taught illustration for nine years.  His work has received a number of awards, including the Art Directors Club of Philadelphia Gold Medal and their Award for Excellence.  It's Just a Game is the ninth children's book he has illustrated.  John lives with his wife and children in Pitman, New Jersey.

Every coach and parent should read this book!

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