Autumn, November, 2015

As the sun spends less time in the sky each day we know that the seasons have changed ---once again!  It was a lovely September and October in the northeast U.S. with fabulous fall colors, and brilliant, clear night skies. It's been a gentle autumn so far.
Ann Marie and I had a fine summer spending three weeks touring Italy, mostly by train and on foot. We visited the cities of Rome, Assisi, Florence, Milan, and Genoa, toured Tuscanny by car for three days, and hiked the Cinque Terra and the trail from Lake Como to Billagio in the Italian Alps. Our daughter Maggie joined us for the last 5 days and the hike in the Alps. She took the photo above of us on the trail.
I'll be visiting Europe in November with school visits at the American International School in Budapest, one of my favorite schools, and a first-time visit to the American International School of Vienna.
I've been receiving more frequent online orders for music downloads and appreciate those orders greatly. All of my CD's and books can be ordered here on the website. My song, "Holidays All Around the World" will probably surpass 100,000 views on YouTube in the next months. That song can be downloaded here too. To purchase it go to the "Music" tab above, click on "Season of Light, Hope, and Peace," and choose the songs you'd like, or better yet, get the album. It's my favorite of my CDs. The songs "Dear Santa," "It's Snowing!" "Hot Chocolate and Diplomacy," "It's the Little Things We Do," "Holidays All Around the World," and "A Little Bit of Scrooge in Everyone" are among my favorite compositions and pieces to perform. It's also probably because I've always loved the Christmas season and these are all a part of our family history.
Thank you for visiting the site, inviting me to your schools, and supporting my work.
Hope to see you soon!