From John Farrell
June 2007
Greetings Friends,

I imagine you are busy with end of the school year details but I did want to say hello and thanks.

Another school year is coming to a close and summer is on our doorstep. The longest days of the year are here and the corn seems to be growing taller by the hour. We are enjoying observing the natural world in our new home in the country. The fireflies, birds, owls, frogs, and night sky are amazing! We haven’t seen the bears yet but we’re looking.

A quick summary of family news follows. Ann Marie taught kindergarten this year at Taconic Hills and will teach K again next year as part one of a looping class. She’s happy summer vacation is coming and curious and excited about next year. Katie graduated from Boston College in May and is in enrolled in a Peace Corps Masters Degree program in International Public Health. This will likely include 27 months in Africa after a year of course work at the University of Washington in Seattle. Jack is transferring to University of Albany after two strong years at SUNY Potsdam. Maggie had a successful first year at SUNY New Paltz and enjoyed playing college basketball. Colleen and Patrick have done well at their new high school and they will be entering grades 12 and 11 in September. Patrick joined the volunteer fire department and is undergoing rigorous training. Colleen and Ann Marie are going to Ecuador in July with
Global Volunteers for two weeks to work at a camp and in a day care facility. By the start of the next school year Colleen and Patrick will both have their drivers licenses so the wheel, or in this case the wheels, just keep on turning.

NEW CD FINISHED Includes SING, WRITE and LEARN Songwriting Tracks

The new CD titled “ALL AROUND US: Songs Exploring Nature and Science” is finished and will be available in July. The CD features all songs about Science and Nature and includes writing activities. Many topics covered on the CD are included in state and national science standards, and the writing activities also correlate to the standards so this CD will fit well in most classrooms. The Sing, Write, and Learn songwriting tracks include suggestions for writing your own songs. For example, one of the songs is called What’s So Great About the Great White Shark? The Sing, Write and Learn songwriting track is called "What’s So Great About…?" It includes instrumental music and ideas for writing your own songs about any topic. It could be What’s So Great About the Rainforest? the Caterpillar? the Hummingbird? Our school? Etc. Below is a listing of the songs and songwriting tracks on the CD.

The Seed Goes in the Ground
Welcome to the World Baby Dolphin
There’s a Bear Over There
What’s So Great About the Great White Shark?
The Paleontologist Told Us So
In the Garden
I Am an Amphibian

Sing, Write and Learn Tracks:

Underneath the Sea
What’s So Great About…?
Welcome to the World Baby…
Stargazer’s Alphabet
I Wonder What We’d See?

Stargazer’s Alphabet Book Arrives as "How About You?" Celebrates 15 years

My new book Stargazer’s Alphabet is now in stores and is receiving great reviews. (To see pages from the book,
Click Here) We are also reprinting my first CD, "How About You?" which is fifteen years old this year. Popular songs like Habitat, l Like Ants, The Library Song, and Love Grows are still requested at many concerts and enjoyed by lots of new listeners each year. Thanks for keeping it alive and well.

A Summer Thank You Offer:
A sincere thanks to all of you who have helped me by singing and writing with me, and to all of you who have purchased my CD’s and books, and invited me to your schools and community events. I am privileged to work with and know you all. We would like to thank you for your support by offering you a discounted price on the new CD, "All Around Us", and the new book, "Stargazer’s Alphabet", and we are including "How About You?" in this offer. Many people have told us that the book and CD’s make great gifts for birthdays, etc.

Order All Three for $35 or Two for $25 and Shipping is Included

Call Mary Jain at 607-965-8983 and order before September and she will send you both CD’s and a book for $35, or your choice of one CD and a book for $25. This is a newsletter only offer and we are not able to process credit card orders, but we do trust everyone and Mary Jain is willing to send the materials if you say you’ll send a check. If you order now you will receive your order by the end of July. In our world of instant gratification that may seem like a long time to wait, but it is fun to receive a package at an unexpected time too. You will probably receive your order by early to mid-July, but since we don’t have the CD’s in hand yet, we’re not making that promise.

If you would like to order via email, send Mary Jain an email and include your name and mailing address, telephone number and also your email address. Mary Jain’s email address is
[email protected]

New CD “All Around Us” and Stargazer’s Alphabet Book for $25 (reg price is $32 + SH)
“How About You?” and "Stargazer’s Alphabet" Book for $25
“All Around Us,” “How About You?” and "Stargazer’s Alphabet" for $35 (reg price is $47 + SH)

Upcoming Schedule and Bridges of Peace:

For news about my upcoming schedule and the Bridges of Peace project please browse my web site, call Mary Jain at 607-965-8983, or email me at
[email protected]. Hope you have a healthy and relaxing summer.

Keep Singing and Writing!
John Farrell

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